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Nuccy [noo-chee] noun

Nuccy is an innovative functional food brand which created organic nut butter with Ashwagandha, designed to make you, our Nuccy lovers healthier and happier!

Designed by Nuccy girls who love eating, wellness, beautiful tableware, cute little coffee shops (look up #Nuccying for more)

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High-quality ingredients

ALL our ingredients and products are certified organic. The products are also vegan, palm-oil free, sugar-free and without any additive. The products are made in the UK.

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Product of the month! 🥇

Ashwagandha? In nut butter? YES

Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic herb with many holistic benefits. It can help you release stress sleep better. Nucy combines it with nut butter so you can take it more easily (and it's delicious!)

Our newest stockists!

Nuccy’s range of happy nut butter in our 170g jars is available on Holland and Barrett’s website. They deliver across the UK and Ireland. 🧡🔥

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