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Nuccy [noo-chee] noun

Nuccy is an innovative functional food brand which created nut butter with Ashwagandha, designed to make you, our Nuccy lovers healthier and happier!

Designed by Nuccy girls who love eating, wellness, beautiful tableware, cute little coffee shops and more (look up #Nuccying for more)

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  • Vegan

  • Palm oil free

  • No additives

  • Glass jars

  • Organic

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Designed to make you happy

Nuccy combines Ashwagandha with organic nuts to create delicious and functional nut butters that will make you feel good on all levels.

Nuccy is a Bronze winner!⚡️

The Almond Coco won a Bronze Awards in the function food category Nourish Supps Awards!
This is the most exciting news as the Nourish Awards are the most prestigious at recognising innovative, high quality brands in food, drinks and supplements. ☁️

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