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Kitchen shelf: This month's must try goodies

Nuccy nut butter.
"Natural and organic nut butter with added ashwagandha-an adaptogenic herb with many health benefits. The butter is smooth and creamy with a delicious sweetness from the addition of coconut. Delicious drizzled on a smoothie bowl with a sprinkle of granola."

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The super ingredient: Ashwagandha.

This nontropic adaptogen has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, but it's having a moment due to its proven ability to ease a range of woes. A small but growing body of evidence has found it strenghtens immunity, enhances brain functions, boost libido, aids sleep, eases menopausal symptoms and more. Find it in a range of products including Nuccy nut butters." Kerry law

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1. NUCCY nut butter set with Ashwagandha.

"In an effort to incorporate the adaptogen everyone is talking about, a natural aid to the mind and the immune system, into my diet, I've been drizzling these delicious almond, peanut and hazelnut butters on my cereals. An easy win." Ajesh Patalay

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Nuccy Hazel coco flow

"I am nuts about this organic hazelnut butter made with Ashwagandha (winter cherry) that promises to clear my mind and fill me up."

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"Good for slow-release energy and fuelling the body, Nuccy is a new range of organic vegan nut butters. The butters are enhanced by the properties of ashwagandha - an adaptogen known for its natural hearling and stress-relieving properties. We love the Almond coco flow."

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    "Upgrade your go-to PB with this smooth, creamy version containing sweet coconut and the ayurvedic herb ashwagandha."

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    "Nuccy Hazel coco with Ashwagandha."

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    "The Uk’s first nut butter made with adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha, meaning it not only fills an empty spot in your belly but is also calming for your mind! In three delicious nutty flavours Almond Coco, Peanut Coco and Hazel Coco, each with 100% organic nuts."

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