About Nuccy 🪐

[noo-chee] noun

Nuccy is an innovative functional food brand democratising adaptogens by combining them with high-quality ingredients to create delicious everyday products.

Our first act is offering a variety of four nut butters with Ashwagandha, designed to make our Nuccy Lovers healthier and happier.

  • Clean & tasty ✨

    Our Happy Nut Butters contain absolutely no palm oil, refined sugar, or additives. We love it clean and tasty, just like you!

  • Quality ingredients 🥜 

    Our organic ingredients are sustainably grown without harmful pesticides and carefully selected for maximum flavours and efficiency.

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  • Innovative ⚡️

    Nuccy is the first brand in Europe to combine nut butter with Ashwagandha, and by doing so, democratizing its use and benefits.

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  • 360° wellness 🪐

    We are committed to sharing a 360° approach to wellness and happiness that goes beyond food in a playful and wholesome way. We call it “Nuccying”.

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  • Make it pretty 🎀 

    Nuccy Girls believe in activating all your senses. We design to make you happy, from the labels to our favorite tableware, and the recipes we share with you. Everything you will see coming from us will be aesthetically pleasing we promise!

  • Authentic 👩🏼👩🏻

    We share with you all the “why”s, the “how”s, and the “where”s to give you as much information as possible on the products: who we are, and why we are doing this. (Hint: because we are obsessed with the products and it made us feel good too).

Meet the Nuccy girl behind the brand 👩🏻

Our founder, Alienor started using Ashwagandha during the pandemic and mixing it with nut butter to help her mental health. She created the recipes for each product before turning to a UK manufacturer and creating Nuccy!

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  • Projects

    Have a look at all the projects and collabs Nuccy has been a part of since it started (it makes us feel good too to have a look at them sometimes).

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  • Guides

    Nuccy girls are international and always want the best out there, for food, beauty, art, wellness and more. Find all of that in our guides around the world.

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  • Nuccying

    The fusion of happiness and wellness that our brand represents and share with you daily on our instagram and blog. Recipes & beyond.

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Now that you know us better, let's get happier together ⚡️