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Nuccy & Products

What is Nuccy?

Nuccy is an innovative and unique brand of nut butter. It aims to make Ashwagandha easier and more enjoyable to use daily by combining it with nuts.

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwaghandha is an Ayurvedic herb that is part of a group herbalists called adaptogens. It has many recognized benefits:

- Calming properties
- Reduces fatigue
- Improves sleep
- Enhances brain functions

 What are Nuccy's flavours?

Nuccy current has three different nut flows:

1.Almond coco flow
2.Peanut coco flow
3.Hazel coco flow
4.Ultimate choco flow

What is a nut flow?

When I decided to combine nut butter with Ashwagandha and was creating the recipes, I decided to call the product nut flows to illustrate that the idea was to get you in the flow. It also fitted the very drizzly/liquid texture of Nuccy.

What are your ingredients?

Nuccy only uses natural ingredients. There is no palm oil, additives, refined sugar or added salt to any of the products.

Who created Nuccy?

Hello ! It's
Alienor, I am Nuccy's founder. I started Nuccy last year after Ashwagandha helped me relax during the pandemic. The process of creating this business helped me get out of low moments and brought deliciousness and happiness to my life and now to you.

Why is Nuccy special?

1. All the product contains Ashwagandha which is the basis of Nuccy's concept.
2. Only natural ingredients.
3. The drizzly texture make it very easy to use in recipes !
4. All the products are vegan.
5. NO palm oil, NO added sugar or salt.
6. They are made in the UK.

Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take for Nuccy to ship my orders?

Once you make your order, Nuccy aims for you to receive the products withing 4 working days. It means that if you order on a Monday, you will receive the products by Thursday.

What will be in the Nuccy box?

The nuccy box will include your jars wrapped in special tissue paper, the nuccy stickers and a special note by Alienor.

Where do you ship?

Nuccy ships everywhere in the UK within 4 business days. Nuccy also ships to the EU but
there is additional import fees that will need to be paid on the arrival of the product to your home. Nuccy does not ship to the US (yet).

I have an issue with my order, who can I contact?

So sorry you're expericing issues! You can email or

I am also super responsive on instagram via DM.

Do you give refund/free returns?

If you're not happy with the products or there was an issue with your order shipping, you can email nuccy ( and we will either refund you or send you new products!

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