Ultimate bircher breakast

This recipe works with the Bircher base I published here. Super useful for busy morning when you need something super quick. I love it because if you change the toppings, it can be a new breakfast everyday without any hassle. I do the bowl before yoga or my shower, it's ready when I come back and I just need to add whatever I feel like eating that morning without any big prep. 

Enjoy xx



- One cereal bowl of bircher base
- 2 spoons Coconut yogurt
- Plant-based milk (I love almond).
- 1 spoon of honey (depends if you want more sweetness)
- Medjool dates (other topping ideas: raspberries, bananas, apple compote, blueberry compote (recipe here).
- One of the nut flow (I love peanut coco).


1. Combine the base, yogurt, honey if using and milk in a bowl and mix well. There need to be enough milk so that it's a bit liquid. Don't worry, the oats and chia will absorb everything and it will have a thicker texture.
2. Wait 10 mins and maybe still again.
3. If the texture is thick enough for you, add the toppings and the almond coco flow and enjoy!!


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