Functional smoothie - our magic elixir

This amazing smoothie made with our functional nut butter and extra vitamin D 🧡☀️

- Nuccy’s hazelnut butter with Ashwagandha 2tbsp
- 1 Orange 
- 1 cup Mango 
- 1/2 juice of Lime 
- 1tbsp Vanilla protein 
- Vitamin D oil supplement (your daily dose) 
- 250ml Almond milk.

Instructions: Blend everything!

This so so good and add some coconut yogurt in your glass for that nice visual, the vitamin C with the orange and mango as well as the vegan protein which is an essential component for our energy and bodies 🔥 Our Ashwagandha nut butter gives an extra taste and makes it all come together reall well.

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