Nuccy's perfect pancakes

These are so delicious and I am obsessed with them, I have a pancake craving once a month and it's perfect for it. I drizzle them with all the nut flows and maple syrup! I also love to choose fresh fruits like apples, bananas and blueberries.


Serving: 2 people.
Prepping: 6 minutes
Cooking: 10 minutes

- 400ml almond milk
- 200 self-raising gluten free flour
- 3tbs of chia seeds
- 2tbs of honey
- 1tbs of coconut oil (for cooking the pancakes)

- In a large bowl, mix up all the ingredients except the coconut oil, once everything is well mixed, let it rest for 4-5 minutes.
- Start heating your pan and add a spoon of coconut oil (it should melt straightaway), use 1-2tbs of batter to create the pancakes (depending on the size you want).
- Let it on the pan for 3-5 minutes until you turn it over and it's well golden.
- Continue until the batter is finished.
- Serve with the fresh fruits you've chosen and whatever nut flows make you happy!

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