Our favorite classes to move that body! 🤸🏻


This week I wanted to do a little round-up of our favorite classes to move your body, I have been getting back into a workout routine and it feels so good I wanted to share!

  • Align by Bailey brown: this is one that I love because it's practical and affordable (15£ monthly subscriptions for unlimited pilates and cardio classes), Bailey has an incredible energy and also some plans where you can exercice with your cycle which I personally love.
  • Barrecore pilates: these studios have been around for a long time and they were everywhere in London which is super practical! Their classes are great and the method is effective, the teachers are also usually super helpful and nice.
  • Repose space: they have an amazing studio with good yoga and pilate classes.
  • Soul cycle: I am obsessed with their classes and used to go once a week but found that all around cardio was not always the best for me, it's fun and vibey, you can choose the music playlist depending on the teacher and it's such a good workout.
  • Shreddy - this one is a recommendation from friends. I haven't tried it myself but apparently it's amazing and there are so many workout to choose from + a great community!


Let me know what you think of all of these and please message me on instagram @nuccyfood to tell me if you have more recs or if you tried them and loved it.


Alienor xx 

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