Meet GRNGR bees activewear!

Marrying sustainability into your life Movement and nutrition are intrinsically connected - ultimately, what we put in our bodies, will determine how well we can function and perform.

At gngr bees, we have thought of movement in a holistic way, taking into consideration all the pillars that sit under wellness - including environment, joy and creativity. gngr bees is a sustainable activewear brand created in London, for women that want to commit to moving with purpose.

Made from all things wasted, we prioritise sustainability, comfort, versatility and quality. We are athleisure like you haven’t seen before, with a fully traceable supply chain and with a purpose beyond style: every gngr bees piece funds a different environmental project around the world.

I invite you to know us and use the code “NUCCYINGGIRLS” to shop our range with 15% off on our website, today.

Not sure where to start?

We offer bundles to help you get started!

Head to and check our range of sustainable activewear today! With love, Nat

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