Nuccying with flowers - Guide

As Spring is definitely here, we are excited to share our ways we bring flowers into our lives in many different ways! Enjoyy and message us for any questions!

Flower subscriptions in London:

  • Freddie's flowers: Their beautiful flowers arrive in their bud so they last longer and look beautiful in your home, they also talk directly with the growers so you know where your flowers are coming from.
  • Bloom and Wild flower subscription: They come through the letterbow and you can arrange them yourself, they are delivered monthly and look absolutely beautiful always. 

Flower workshop:

  • Petersham Nurseries always have beautiful flower making workshop as well as all kind of garderning workshop. Highly recommend having a look at their website.
  • McQueens flower workshop for a one day workshop in the florist schools for a perfect technique and beautiful quality.

Flower books:

Floral outfits:


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