Guide: be the Bestest Hostess

Hosting is an art. The art of creating moments where people feel at ease, welcomed and happy when taking a break of their busy lives to spend it with you, at your home. 

At first, it can be intimidating to know where to start, so here is a guide to help you out! You got this 💫

1. Consider the guest list 👯 - mixing different people around a table can be tricky, so do take the time to think who you want to invite, if they have a least one thing in common and if the vibes are going to match! A fun twist is to ask each of your friend to bring a +1 you have never met to meet new people! 

2. Time & date ⏳ - set one that will allow you to have the time to prepare everything as you wish, a stressed hostess is a big no!

3. Think of cooking something you love 👩🏼‍🍳 - I don’t usually cook new things and I try to choose "easy" dishes that everyone will love and do not require me being in the kitchen the whole time to keep an eye on it. 

4. Pretty tables 🎀 - I adore to treat my ladies with aesthetically pleasing tables. I want them to see this as a bang and make my best to choose flowers, fold napkins nicely,... 

5. HAVE FUN! 🥳 - you are with your people, no need to stress about anything, you are doing an amaazing job! 

Talking about pretty things, here are a couple of shops where you can get cute table accessories to make that dinner extra special: 

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