Dry January ressources

When I started to work on Nuccy, I had been sober for 3 months and ended up being sober for 8 months, just because I thought it would help my energy, feeling better and get through a difficult period of covid/stress/grief.

I decided to do Dry January this year as I have not had a long time of interrupted alcohol since then and know that it helps my energy levels and overall well-being!I've looked at a lot of resources online and sharing them in a list here. This is just a starting point and if you're interested, I recommend books and podcast for a head start and then the insta account for a more daily help.


- The unexpected joy of being sober by Catherine Gray
- Untamed by Glennon Doyle
- Quit like a woman by Holly Whitaker

Insta pages:


- This naked mind by Annie Grace
- Episode on Sobriety by Deliciouslyella

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