Nuccy x Jusu limited edition vegan waffle with Ultimate Choco flow

With who: Jusu Brothers, beautiful and healthy cafes.

Location: West London, UK

What happened: For a week, Jusu Brother had a Nuccy special chocolate vegan waffle on their menus. They used the Ultimate Choco Flow on their best-selling vegan waffle to create an amazing sweet breakfast that was absolutely delicious and original. The waffle also had berries, vegan whipped cream and mint which made the whole combo to die for. During that week, the mini Utimate Choco flow were also available to order on deliveroo.

Which Nuccy product was the star: The Ultimate Choco Flow which started as a limited edition and is now a permanent product in the happy nut butter collection.

Why we’re happy: It was a great way to showcase how to use the Ultimate Choco Flow and it was done beautifully and deliciously.

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