Nuccy x Farmacy limited edition adaptogenic smoothies

With who: Farmacy, leading plant-based restaurant.

Location: London, UK;

What happened: We launch on special smoothie menu with Farmacy on Global Smoothie Day in October, the menu was available throughout the month, showcasing a limited edition selection of seasonal and delicious feel-good Nuccy nut butter smoothies, designed to nourish both the body and mind. The collab was a huge success, we were so proud and happy to have been part of this delicious project.

Which Nuccy product was the star: The menu designed by Farmacy’s in house chef used three of the original nut butters in a special smoothie. The Almond All-day with the Almond Coco flow, blueberries, vanilla extract, banana, dates, almond milk and vanilla protein. The peanut pick-me-up with the Peanut Coco Flow, Maple syrup, maca, oat flakes, oatmilk, banana, single shot espresso and cinnamon. The Nuts about Orange with Hazel Coco, GF coconut milk, fresh orange juice, orange wedges, banana, orange syrup and chocolate powder.

Why we’re happy: The collab was a huge success, we were so proud of having the special adaptogenic smoothie on the menu and the public loved them.

What you can expect in the future? We love Farmacy and expect more collabs together in the future.

The menu below:

Farmacy menu with the Nuccy collab

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