Nuccy açai and smoothie at Re Place

With who: Re Place, first body roller studio in London.

Location: West London, UK.

What happened: Re Place is the first permanent physical stockist of Nuccy in London. They are also the first to use Nuccy on their menu. Since they were opened, any guests of their café had the choice of the three original happy nut butters to put on top of their açai bowls. Their açai was amazing and the nut butters complimented it really well. Later on, they alos started using the Almond Coco Flow in their smoothies by popular demand.

Which Nuccy product was the star: All of the original happy nut butters: Almonds, Peanuts, Hazenuts depending on the day.

Why we’re happy: It was amazing to have the Nuccy products used on the menu of a cafe for the first time. It would never get old to go in and order an açai bowl with Nuccy’s nut butter on it. We will always remember Re Place as the first location that adopted Nuccy as their own nut butters.

What you can expect in the future? Re Place has not changed location and do not have space for a coffee spot anymore but we are still in touch with the team for different opportunities so you never know what could happen!

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