Nuccying in Paris 2.0 - hidden gems by an ex-local 🇫🇷

Hello Nuccy lovers!

Paris is a city where I lived for 2 years, that I learned to appreciate and discovered some seriously hidden gems I want to share with you today. Here is a guide made by an ex-local. 


🍳 Breakfast 

  • The Sinner Hotel (3ème) - amazing architecture and delicious and varied breakfast possibilities 
  • Café de la Poste (3ème) - best french breakfast in town in my opinion 

 ☕️ Good coffee spots 

  • Café Nuances (1er, 6ème & 8ème) - eclectic design and top notch coffee 
  • Bonjour Jacob (10ème) - tip: try their cookies


  • Centre Pompidou - impressive architecture and great exhibitions there
  • Musée Dali - hidden museum/gallery 
  • Papoterie - potery painting 
  • Musée Carnavalet (3ème) - beautiful museum in the center of Le Marais
  • Musée Zadkine (6ème) - the place is to die for, gorgeous place! 

🌙 Lunch and dinner 

  • La Société (6ème) - great terrasse for lunch and amazing vibes for the dinner
  • Augustin Marchand d'Vins (6ème) - small and intimate place with delicious wines and food 
  • Bambou (4ème) - best Thai in town 
  • Takuto (6ème) - delicious japanese restaurant, a must do! 
  • Savy (8ème) - classic french brasserie 
  • Restaurant le Cherche Midi - incredible italian with great products
  • Osteria Brutto (5ème) - again, an amazing italian 

💃🏽 Nighlife  

  • Rooftop de l'Hôtel Dame des Arts (3ème) - beautiful rooftop overseeing all of Paris 
  • La palette (6ème) - terrasse and people watching will be on the menu 
  • Castel (6ème) - members club for which one has to dress up. Disco music and interesting design 
  • Bambino (10ème) - 

A bientôt! 

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