Nuccy's perfect garlic tomatoes

As you know, the only thing I really really really love to put on toasted bread is nut butter, the second best thing are these garlic tomatoes with a touch of basil. They are perfect for a quick lunch on a sourdough with a side salad or smashed avocado.





- A bunch of organic cherry tomatoes (some cherry tomatoes are really better than others so be sure to pick them organic and don't be scared of having different colors/sizes, it adds to the taste)
- Olive oil
- 2/3 garlic cloves (crushed)
- Salt/pepper
- A bunch of Basil leaves
- 1 spoon of Nutritional Yeast (optional)



1. Pour a spoon of olive oil, salt and pepper into a medium heat pan, let it heat for a minute before adding the crushed garlic.

2. Let the garlic heat up and wait until it becomes slightly golden. At this point, the smell is to die for. Be in the moment and prepare yourself for your lunch!

3. Add the cherry tomatoes (I cut them in half).

4. let them for a few minutes before adding full or cut basil leaves with the nutritional yeast (optional)

5. Let it all cook for around 10 minutes depending on the heat, you can then leave it 2-3 on a very low heat, just so the juice really mixes well.

As i said, you can eat it in a bowl with a bread or add on smashed avocado or a salad. It's fresh, easy, and your kitchen will smell amazing for (I'm sorry to say, hours).


Enjoy !!


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