Breakfast go-to: Blueberry Almond Flow combo

This is such an easy and quick recipe but it can brighten your start of the day and spark you up!

The type of bread is so important here to make you feel full and good throughout the day, it can add a lot to the simplicity of the almond flow and fresh delicious blueberry.

One type of bread that I discovered recently is the Carrot Rye bread from a scandinavian bakery close to my place. You don't feel the carrots at all, it adds a sweetness and smoothness to your bread which is delicious and it technically adds one veggie to your 5 a day! 


  • 1 or 2 slices of bread (try carrot rye or toasted sourdough)
  • A handful of fresh blueberries (I try to buy them organic)
  • Nuccy's almond nut flow! (You can try it with other flows to be honest).

In actions:

  • Spread as many almond coco flow as you want on the bread and add the blueberries either one by one to create an insta worthy moment or just put a handful carelessly.
  • You can either create a sandwich or eat it bite by bite.

Enjoy this fresh breakfast!

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