Create your own Bircher base !

Bircher muesli are an ultimate go-to ! The classic way is to soak jumbo oats overnight with sliced or grated apple but this requires a bit more planning than this version of bircher. Because the oats are already cut with the spices and chia seeds in it, you can prepare it in the morning and it will be ready in max 10 minutes. Here is the base you can prepare at the weekend and I then explain how you prepare in when you want to eat it here.



To prepare the base:


1. 200g of oat flakes (either buy porridge oat or blend normal oat flakes in a blender to have a flour texture).
2. Cinnamon spice.
3. Chia seeds.
4. Dried raisins or sultanas.


1. Blend all the ingredients and store in a cool dry place (I am obsessed with glass jars but whatever you have on hand).

For the next step (to actually eat the bircher, check here).


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