Creamy cashew pasta for the soul (Guest recipe by Wondergreens)

Cooking my own meals from scratch is one of my biggest forms of self care. It makes me feel very in tune with my meal and the food I am nourishing my body with. I especially love making my own sauces rather than buying ready made ones. Making this cashew sauce pasta is wholesome to me.

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Enjoy !

Wondergreens xx 


- 2 cups soaked cashews (soak in water overnight, drain & rinse the next day)

- 1 cup fresh water 

- 1 raw garlic clove

- 1tsp salt

- ½ squeezed lemon 

- 2tbsp nutritional yeast


1. Add all of these ingredients into a blender until you get a wonderful smooth consistency. 

2. Boil your favourite pasta (as instructed on the package).I usually use chickpea, buckwheat, quinoa or lentils pasta. 

3. On a medium high heated pan, grill a handful of sliced mushrooms (chestnuts, portobello) with 2tbsp tamari sauce and a drizzle of olive oil until crispy. 

4. Add the pasta into a bowl, nicely pour the cashew cream, add the crispy mushrooms and I can guarantee that your soul will be fulfilled. You can also add chilli flakes as a finishing touch!

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