Almond ginger soya sauce

I've started doing super simple lunches at the beginning of January to help me meal prep and avoid eating out. This made it even more crucial to have delicious sauces and dips to add flavours to the veggies.

I use this sauce in rice bowls, to cook veggies directly in the pan, with rice noodles or as a dip for steamed broccoli or cauliflower. This one requires a small blender or a blending arm to have a really smooth sauce and to incorporate the raw ginger.





- 3-4 spoons of Almond coco flow
- One piece of fresh ginger (size of your thumb approximately)
- 1 small spoon of miso paste
- 2 spoons of tamari (soya sauce)
- 2 spoons of olive oil
- 3 spoons of sesame seeds
- 1 clove of garlic (remove skins but don't need to crush it)
- Chili spice (to taste but I usually put 1 spoon)
- 1 spoon of lemon juice


Combine all the ingredients with a few spoons of water in a small blender or bowl (if you're using a blending arm) and mix until it has a very smooth texture. You can more water if you want it even more liquid and add spices or lemon depending on taste.


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