Why the Nuccy x Farmacy collab is a full-circle moment.

Once I decided on the “Nuccy” name for the company, I did an exercise suggested by Diane Von Furstenberg in an article, if your brand was a person, what would she do ? Where would she go for a cocktail, for brunch, to shop ?
If Nuccy were a women, she would brunch at Farmacy. On my computer, in black and white, I wrote it down. Why Farmacy ?

I first read about Farmacy in an article published in British Vogue for the opening, written by Elizabeth Day (who is incidentally now one my favourite journalist/podcaster/author who I did not know at the time). I got hooked. I had recently started to get into plant based food and thought, this place is what I’ve been looking for: aesthetic, delicious, plant-based, organic ingredients, unprocessed, in central London, fashionable. It became a staple in my social life: group brunch with my friends, dinner with my mom, healthy takeaway and delivery when I did not want to cook. It’s also at Farmacy that I tried my first mushroom latte. It’s there that I discovered the existence of Ashwagandha which later, during the pandemic, I started to use daily. This led me to adding it to nut butter and well, to create Nuccy. 

Countless times I’ve eaten in that place, never imagining that one day I would create something that would be part of the menu. I loved and trusted that place so much that I ordered my birthday cake from them last year: 2 levels cookie & cream of absolute heaven. Exactly a year later, just before my birthday, I was announcing the Nuccy’s collab with them.

How close to my heart this place is. How much sense it makes to do a collaboration with them, to have Nuccy jars in their kitchen, how much happiness it gives me that their house-chef created a recipe with each nut flow, that the whole team tried it and decided together which one they liked best. Not only are the smoothies the team created delicious, they are original, fresh, healthy. I went there last weekend to have brunch with my mom as she was in town. She loved them. To be able to share this with friends and family who understand how much I like this place and who love it too has been such a gift. 

So if you haven't had the chance to go and try them, the smoothies are available until the 31st of October ! I don't have a favourite, but if I had, it would be the Almond All-day.



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