What is Nuccying ?

I've been struggling to define "Nuccying". Is it an active verb ? A state of being ? A marketing plot ?

I started writing a paragraph that read way too close to a brochure for a meditation retreat: how to live life in the present, the importance of taking breaks and stay still. Not exactly Nuccying. It's not that I don't believe this to be true but more that it would be too far from my reality. I do meditate, I do stop and smile because I feel the sun on my face, but this is not the biggest part of my day.

I started Nuccy when I was in a very low and dark place. Creating this was a way to come back to myself and expand my world, first through the pleasure of creating and eating food, integrating adaptogens and specifically Ashwagandha in my life, but then through so many other pursuits.

Today, every day, Nuccying is finding my own path. I choose to surround myself with food (adaptogens welcomed of course), people, objects, and activities that make me smile, put me in the flow, and give me the energy and spirit to keep going wherever I want (usually that's Whole Foods but who's asking). Sometimes, Nuccying also means taking a pause in order to start again 

The question now is: 
are you Nuccying and if not, what are you waiting for?

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