How Nuccy changed my morning routine

Nuccy completely changed how I understood my morning routine . I used to obsess over these morning rituals. They used to be so structured and only based on what other people had told me. Nuccy's concept of combining Ashwagandha with nut butter aims to make it easier to take adaptogens: no powder, weighting, blending, mixing, and cleaning. With Nuccy, you open, spread, eat, smile, and feel it. Streamlined, easy, delicious, simple. 

With that spirit, building Nuccy and coming back to myself meant a complete change of tone for me. Morning routines have been reviewed and discussed so much that none of the actual actions I am about to share is big news. However, my mindset around it is half of the story. 

I had to force myself to reflect on what kind of rituals would create an environment that would empower and energize me for my day without taking up all my mental space and exhausting me before 9 AM. What could be useful even if not Instagramable or recommended? How can I make these actions work for me rather than the other way around? Morning routine evolves over time depending on priorities, what is feasible and how you feel about them. For instance, the hustle of making my celery juice before my coffee was not working for me anymore eventhough I liked it, I let it go.I still love it but only drink it on the weekend. It's okay.

With that in mind, here it goes.

Firstly, I’ve always slept with my phone in another room, and I am quiet strict with it in the morning. I wake up at 7am but all my apps (except Spotify, weather, notes, calendar and checklists) are disabled until 8:20. I can decide to check them out before (which, of course happens sometimes) but I hate being bombarded first thing in the morning. This why I put that in place. It means that I can use my phone to listen to music, plan my day and write my notes without starting to scroll on social media immediately.

My morning routine goes like this: 
In bed: Coffee, Gratitude practice, Journaling.
On the move: Looking at the day ahead, 30 min movement, Mantras, Meditation.

    1. Coffee in bed. It started because when I struggled to wake up, I made a deal with myself that I could get up to make some coffee and come back to bed with it and sleep a bit. I never snooze after doing this. It works every time. Coffee also makes me feel in the present, as i am savouring it. I’ve always liked it (sometimes a bit too much). In my second cup, I always put a spoon or two of Nuccy depending on what I feel like for the taste and the little kick. I have breakfast pretty late in the morning so this helps to not be super hungry. After a few sips in silence, I listen to whatever music I am obsessed with and then it’s reflection time
    2. Gratitude. I always start with three things I am grateful for. I wrote it on my phone so it’s easy to come back to to throughout the day. Example: grateful to be in London, for a specific friend or for my bedsheets for being so smooth.
    3. I then journal for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the need. I’ve had diaries since I am 12 years old. Journaling helps me process whatever is happening. I write about my business, personal life, dreams, and fears. Recently at times,I have switched this to drawing whatever comes to mind, sometimes it allows me to create space for things I haven’t been able to put into words yet. Then it’s usually time to look at my day and see what’s going to happen
    4. I schedule everything in my calendar, I look at the weather to check if my planned outfit is still suitable. If I am waiting for an email or a response to confirm something, this is usually when I open some apps to get clarity on the day ahead.
    5. I always work out before breakfast otherwise the likeliness of it happening goes down every hour and I prefer to move on an empty stomach. I always try to do more than 20 min; my ideal is 40. It depends on my body, and where I am in my cycle. Sometimes it’s a 30 min walk with a friend on the phone, sometimes it’s a Pilate class on YouTube.

The Mantra and meditation steps are usually done at the end or in between or later during the day if I had a hectic morning.

6. I love mantras, they make me feel grounded. One or a few sentences that you can repeat to yourself out loud. I have found that 5 or 6 is the max for me. Write them down repetitively or just keep reading throughout the day. I repeat them 2 times pay attention to how it makes me feel in my body. The more specific to your life and your needs the better. I tweak them from time to time.

7. Meditation is very hard to implement every day because it does not have a huge impact in one session but it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. I once read that meditation is the single best thing you can do to get closer to yourself and to your dreams. This motivates me every day, to find the calm and peace in myself to manifest what I want in my life and cut the noise to reconnect with myself. 

After that, I work for a little bit, usually create content or start responding to emails and then make breakfast. For all the breakfast inspo, of course check out the insta or the recipe section.

I do this almost every day without fail. It helps me ground myself and make the most out of my day. Sometimes I also say fuck it, but I always, always come back to it because it just works for me and make me feel good.

Let me know what you think!! I will create another article with a summary of the routine and all the resources and links so you can check out and build your own!!

 Alienor xx

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